A new way to land that job rather an old way, many neglected. “Did you neglect it? “a way you can learn now and you might land that job.

Landing a job requires:

  • Meeting job requirements

Job requirements are “must haves” that an employer is looking for in a candidate…

“JUST DO IT” is more than just a slogan. It’s one of the greatest call to action ever written.

These three words transformed NIKE from a multi-million dollar business into a 9.2 billion dollar business IN JUST 10years.

Words have great power. Carefully chosen words in your copy can generate new behavior in your customers.

In fact, the are certain scientific proven words you can use to dramatically BOOST your conversion rates.

You and I, we call them POWER WORDS because they trigger an emotional response in the reader and get them to take an action.

Three of many power words




This article was inspired by Copywriting & Content Writing — S. Mabaso

this won’t be easy to digest; this is EXACTLY WHY SMALL BUSINESSES NEED A WEBSITE

It’s the simple truth, 40% of small businesses are blocking themselves from growth, by not having a quality website. Keep in mind that having a website doesn’t mean you need to know coding or have…

Mabaso Sibusiso

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